The main components of the Strahl grain dryers

Every detail of the Strahl grain dryers is designed with care and competence, thanks to the many years of experience of our technicians.
We pay particular attention to the safety of the machine and to keeping the maintenance and cleaning operations simple.

Control panel

This is the control and command system of the dryer. The 12", high-resolution operator panel and the simplified user interface, that has been designed to offer the best interaction between the operator and the machine, are the pride of a long list of features that not only make the dryer controls complete, but also make using them pleasant and instinctive.
Struttura essiccatoio per cereali

Structure of the grain dryers

Strahl dryers are designed with care in every structural detail: the external panels have flaps on the outside in order to let the water slide away, thus preventing the machine from rusting over time; while these panels are smooth on the inside, so as not to retain the product.
The special shape of the sheet metal and the Aluzinc chosen for the external cladding are trademarks of the Strahl dryer, synonymous with durability and guaranteeing a perfect aesthetic finish together with mechanical strength.


The fans are the at the heart of the dryer. Each axial fan is designed and engineered for the dryer on which it is to be mounted.

The blades are adjusted according to the machine specifications and the amount of air required for a perfect drying cycle. The full/empty ratio of each fan is always calculated on the most important principle: achieving the best operating range for the machine. 

The fans are mounted on the top of the dryer for a considerable reduction in noise and dust dispersion. The ventilation chamber is sized to have such a low air flow speed that the dust decants and does not escape, but it is also designed to have the perfect balance between air and drying, for the best results.


The linear burner keeps the flame homogeneous along its entire width. This is an essential component of grain dryers that guarantees perfect temperature control.

Extraction device

The particular bucket shape of this element does not affect the shape nor the quality of the output product.

Software self-diagnostics system

The operation of the various components is constantly monitored and tested; after which, the information collected is processed by the software.
The result is an advanced and intelligent diagnostic system that makes it possible to adapt the operation of the dryer to the various conditions of use in a simple and safe way.

14-module base

The base is a single assembly and is part of the largest grain dryers.

Inspection platforms

Each dryer is manufactured with a special fall protection system, which is essential for safe maintenance/inspection.
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